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Colloque Le Pont : A meeting place for the maintenance
of bridges and civil engineering structures

The Colloque Le Pont is a major annual event which, since 1996, has brought together professionals from the road infrastructure and engineering structures sector in France and beyond. Held at the Toulouse Labège Convention Centre every October, this event is a must for all those involved in the sector. Let’s take a look at the key elements of this event.

Colloque le Pont: format and content

The Colloque Le Pont attracts a diverse audience from all over France, including overseas departments and territories, as well as from a number of foreign countries, mainly members of the European Union. This geographical diversity provides a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge on a national and international scale.

Each edition of the conference generally brings together around fifteen speakers, representing both the public and private sectors. This variety of speakers means that a wide range of subjects relating to civil engineering structures and road infrastructure can be covered. Some 400 participants are expected to attend the event, creating an environment conducive to discussion and the exchange of ideas between experts in the field of road infrastructure maintenance.

The symposium is aimed primarily at engineers, technicians, project owners, project managers, works contractors, service providers, teachers and other professionals in the sector – in short, a wide range of people involved in construction. Owners are represented by their various components, from both the public and private sectors.

The Colloque Le Pont is distinguished by its dynamic format: it is given by journalists and experts from the sector, ensuring a balanced approach between the communication of information and technical relevance. Each year, a foreign country is invited to present its heritage of engineering structures and road infrastructure. In 2022, Morocco was honoured with the theme “TALENTS: A BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE”, followed by a round table discussion on a topical issue in the sector. In addition, each edition is based on a particular theme that may be directly or indirectly linked to the field of bridges and road infrastructures. The evenings are also marked by events linked to the chosen theme and moments of gastronomic conviviality.

The 2023 edition under the banner of innovation

The 2023 edition of the Colloque Le Pont was held on 17 and 18 October at the Diagora Convention Centre, still in Toulouse, under the theme of “innovation at the service of civil engineering”. This new edition was an opportunity to highlight the potential obstacles to innovation in this field in a multidisciplinary way, as the event’s chairman Christian Tridon pointed out.

At this 2023 event, our expert Marion-Lynn TYAN was able to present Beyond Asset, our infrastructure management solution, to visitors, as well as its extension to facilitate the management of oversize loads.

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