Solution de gestion de patrimoine
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MyAsset: the inventory of your assets

Simple and fast access to your infrastructure’s structural data

A database to know your assets, whether imported or created from scratch:


  • Search for information on your infrastructure within a single space (structural characteristics, photos, geolocation, etc.)
  • Describe each asset and its environment precisely to improve its management (decomposition, plans, 3D model, WMS flow, thematic map…)
  • Improve your analyses and your processes by integrating them into your IT (GIS, DMS, CMMS, etc.) and by automating tasks

With its simple and structured ergonomics, Beyond Asset gathers all the information to facilitate the knowledge of your infrastructures.

Attribute database

Structures decomposition

Mapping of assets and their environment

Multi-criteria filter engine

Document management
with a business tree structure

Structured and automatic reporting

History of modifications

Inventory statistics

Asset file

inventory asset map

Add, modify and archive your attribute database.

Visualise the environment of your infrastructure through mapping.

Import, manage and consult all your documentation, photos and plans.

Data visualization and search

Combine all your data with a multi-criteria filter engine and save your requests to get the right information.

Build your thematic maps for geospatial analysis.

Find a synthetic view of your infrastructure within a dashboard tracing their status.

Module configuration

Digital asset management myasset module

Work with customised asset models according to your processes.

Customise your email alerts to secure the quality of your work.

Easily and quickly access all your assets to control their maintenance.

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