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MyInspection: the monitoring of your structures

Precise supervision of the state of your assets

A module focused on all field data allowing teams to collect, organise and interpret their observations:

  • Trace all the events impacting your infrastructure and record your visits
  • Define and implement your monitoring strategy using recurring visits, inspections, structured forms, rating standards, surveys on plans, etc.
  • Follow the evolution of your infrastructure thanks to an iterative process to capture defects and consolidate your observations (filters, dashboards, decision support, etc.)

A module designed for both field and office collaborators to guarantee the condition of infrastructure and the safety of users.

Events management

Inspection planning

Mobility patrol

Geospatial analysis

Rating matrix

Mobile defect detection on plans

Inspection report


Inspection planning

Plan each type of inspection (annual, biennale, underwater, etc.) and view their recurrence on a calendar.

Combine multiple inspections within a campaign to optimise travel and equipment mobilisation.

Assign visits to your field teams and monitor their progress.

Realisation in mobility

form inspection infrastructure asset

Follow up your observations (incidents, safety defects, etc.) directly from the field application and automatically trigger the associated escalation processes.

Find the forms adapted to your inspection policy (NBI, FHWA/AASHTO, OSIM...).

Visualise and annotate your plans to record all the defects in your asset.

Visit analysis

Display the status of your structures on a thematic map, contextualise your analysis with geospatial data from your other applications and refine your decision-making.

Review field data to identify maintenance actions to be taken.

Find the statistics of all your inspections within dashboards.

A powerful module for the office and the field to monitor, analyse and optimise your inspections.

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